Tahjyei Thompson

Software Engineer

I'm a Software Engiener based in Kingston, Jamaica. I enjoy building things that live on the internet, whether that be websites, applications, or anything in between. My goal is to always build products that provide pixel-perfect, performant experiences.


During my university years in 2019, I stumbled upon web design and development by creating custom themes. This sparked my interest in coding, leading me to delve into JavaScript and explore the broader landscape of web development.

My growing expertise in JavaScript led me to participate in hackathons, where I refined my skills and collaborated with peers. These experiences were crucial in shaping my career path and also propelled me into the realm of AI-driven web applications.

In 2020, I started my professional career as a Software Engineer at a local agency. This role allowed me to apply my skills to real-world projects, working on everything from web applications to innovative mobile apps, each offering unique challenges and learning experiences.

Apr 2022Present

RealDecoy Global Services | Ottawa, CA

Software Engineer I

Led the frontend development of an IPO portal using Vue.js, enhancing user experience significantly. Improved the ASP.NET backend, resulting in better performance and scalability. Contributed to a 5% increase in IPO stock options transactions through innovative updates to the investment platform. Developed an advanced PaaS product using Svelte and SvelteKit, improving frontend capabilities. Implemented an efficient Node.js backend with TypeORM, optimizing database interactions. Strengthened data storage with PostgreSQL's robust features. Key contributor in designing and maintaining a task management system specifically for pentesters.

Nov 2021Apr 2022

Radeos Technologies | Kingston, Jamaica

Software Developer

Enhanced a Laravel backend and React frontend application, boosting platform performance. Increased order processing speeds by 15% through optimized features and code refactoring. Reduced warehouse errors by 10% by addressing system bottlenecks and bugs. Played a key role in system maintenance, including bug fixes, performance tuning, and feature integration. Developed an innovative SaaS product providing extensive media presence insights. Created a scalable, high-performance Flask backend. Integrated TensorFlow for real-time radio broadcast transcription. Utilized AWS S3 for effective storage and retrieval of audio content. Improved transcription metadata management and search efficiency by integrating Solr

LaravelReactFlaskTensorFlowAWS S3Solr
Nov 2020Nov 2021

Norus Technologies | Kingston, Jamaica

Junior Developer

Collaborated on creating a crowdfunding platform designed for micro-initiatives and groups. Contributed to developing a user-friendly React frontend, focusing on a seamless user experience. Worked closely with the team on a Nest.js Node backend, enhancing the system's robustness and scalability.

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A medical chatbot that provides users with a preliminary diagnosis based on their symptoms. Features include a user-friendly interface, real-time chat, and a comprehensive database of diseases and symptoms.

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A platform that showcases a Computer Vision model's ability to detect and classify guns in images and videos.

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Pattoo is an IoT data collection system that stores timeseries data in a database and exposes it through a GraphQL API, enabling the creation of custom agents for various data sources like Linux, SNMP, and BACnet/IP. It primarily consists of four components: the central API and database (pattoo), the data collection agents (pattoo-agents), a web UI (pattoo-web), and a shared software library (pattoo-shared). Designed for DevOps and building facilities management teams, pattoo supports Linux systems and encourages community contribution through its alpha stage, with documentation and resources available for both users and developers.